Unsolicited comments received by email* from various people recently….



‘I have always found you to be professional and kind’ – a colleague in the finance department

Thank you for supporting the planning and delivery of such a successful event, really appreciate the work you put into it.‘ – deputy director in a local authority

‘Hi Ali  Good stuff yesterday we are all really pleased.’ – senior manager in a local authority

‘You are a lovely person and a hard working and committed employee and it has been a privilege working with you’ – a colleague in the adult social care administration service

‘I enjoyed working with you and always felt that you were a fair and emotionally intelligent Manager’ – a former team member and nurse colleague

‘I can honestly say you are one of the nicest managers I have worked with.  I realise that your style of management worked and that beyond your management exterior you are a warm-hearted person who genuinely cared for her staff’ – a colleague in the learning disability administration service

‘You taught me a lot, you taught me how to see beyond the piece of paper, you taught me to be tough and question things and others.  You taught me to challenge where and when necessary.  You taught me how to do a fairly decent assessment.  You taught me a whole bunch of stuff which based me in my career’ – a former supervisee and student social worker







*hard copy available for inspection if required