March 18th 2014 is World Social Work Day and to mark the occasion The College of Social Work has issued guidance on the roles and functions of social workers in England.

The new guidance clearly sets out the unique and specialist role of social work.The Advice Note ‘Roles and Functions of Social Workers in England’, was produced in consultation with social workers, employers and other professionals and provides clarity about the specific expertise that social workers bring to the diverse contexts in which they work.The guidance will assist the profession, employers, and people who use services in knowing what social workers do, what can be expected of them, and how and when their expertise should be used.
British Association of Social Workers (BASW) updated the Code of Ethics for Social Workers in 2012
It is vital to understand what is meant by the term ‘Mental Capacity’
Follow this link to see a short film about ‘Personalisation in Social Care’
Be clear about Social Care Policy and Legislation
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